Patreon's fee change
Greetings current and potential patrons. Interesting things are afoot... Patreon has announced changes to how they charge patrons. Long story short,  Patreon has made the decision to move the burden of paying credit card and other processing fees from creators (like me) to patrons (like you). This means that you will be paying an extra  2.9% + $.35 per pledge. This may or may not seem like a lot. But I have heard from numerous creators and patrons who are concerned, if not upset by the change.

Please know that we creators have no direct control over the change. I do, however, have tremendous respect for all of you who have supported me and would never try to take unfair advantage of any of you. If you have concerns about the change, please talk to me, either in a comment, private message, or even email me at [email protected] and together we can figure out a solution.

For the time being, I will continue to post content on Patreon. If you are considering leaving Patreon because of this change, I understand and hold no hard feelings. If you would still like to support Aww, Feathers! financially, consider purchasing something from the Aww, Feathers! Store, or you can donate at any time directly through PayPal. I've created a discord server, which includes a special channel for patron-exclusive content. I will make sure that anyone who supports me through methods other than Patreon will receive the same rewards, including access to the patron channel.

Here are a couple articles from Patreon explaining the change:

Here's hoping this is just a small bump in the road and that together, independent content creators everywhere, as well as their fans, can continue to create and support those creations!