Patreon's fee change & amazon affiliate links
Hello my fellow patreons! :)

By now you have probably received an e-mail from Patreon in which they explain the changes that they will do to the fee structure - effectively making it more expensive for you to support creators on patreon, especially if you support more than just one.

Even though this change reduces the fee that I -as a creator-  am affected by, I have to say that I do not like that change at all, because it is bad for you guys. And something that is bad for you can't be good for me!

There is a petition to revert this fee change, which has already been signed by 8000 people. So if you want to show Patreon that you are not happy with this, as it will probably mean that you can support fewer creators, then please consider to sign the petition too. :)

If this change makes it impossible for you to support me here on Patreon then please know that I fully understand and respect your decision!
And I am grateful for the support that you provided me with! :)

Some of you have asked if I could provide alternative ways to support me, like amazon affiliate links. I though that we could try that, so I have created a few links for the Edge Router X and the Unifi AP AC Lite which I made a video about a few days ago. Let me what you think about this and if I should provide links for other products that I can recommend.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support! And lets hope that Patreon will realize that neither creators nor patrons want that fee structure change! :)

I have now created a blog with a list of recommended hardware. :)