Patreon’s Changing Fees - Pls Read!
Hello, my dears! As you’ve no doubt seen, Patreon is changing the way it handles fees - to summarise, patrons (you guys paying for content) will pay the fees rather than the creators (who previously saw funds lost from pledges to cover fees). This means you guys will pay more per month.

You can find figures and such here.

As both a creator and a patron to other creators, I don’t mind paying fees either way. They’re part of the deal, inescapable. However, I don’t think this is fair to patrons - this isn’t your problem. You didn’t choose to put me or the other creators you support on Patreon, we did. We chose this, fees and all.

If you, as a patron, cannot afford to support your favourite creators anymore, please do not feel pressured into staying. As artists, it is up to us to adapt, as we did before Patreon was an option. 

As many others have already expressed, we are routinely overwhelmed and surprised by the generosity of patrons! You already do so much! We do not expect you to do more. 

If you would like to stick it out, excellent, you’re very welcome! But we understand that for many, this hits too hard.

Tier Benefits
Tip Jar - Thank you!
$1 or more per month 1 patron
Thank you! You will see works-in-progress, some finished pieces, general updates and announcements, and a few other things.

  • Snazzy content

  • A massive thank you from me!
The High Fliers - Silver Jill + feed
$3 or more per month 1 patron
Oh gosh, hello! If you want to see more of the behind the scenes on the making of Silver Jill, here's the place for you. Lettice is very glad to see you!

  • Access to feed, as above,

  • Access to all Silver Jill related updates - sketches, wip, walkthroughs, finished pieces, snippets from the book, etc,

  • and an enormous thank you from me! (and Lettice!)

The Supporter - Full Feed access!
$5 or more per month 4 patrons
Greetings and salutations! Full access to everything I post! Works in progress, finished pieces, walkthroughs with tips and tricks, mini tutorials, updates, blog posts, anything!

  • Same as the Tip Jar tier, only more!

  • Tutorials on watercolour painting, the fundamentals, colour, composition, etc.

  • A massive thank you from me!
The Collector - A5 Character Commission
$75 or more per month 2 of 2 patrons
A commission slot for one A5 (14.8 x 21.0 cm) character portrait per month! Anthro characters, animals, humans, monsters, I’ll paint ‘em all! You will receive one painting for each month you support.

Painted on 300 gsm wet media paper. Fine liner (or pencil) and watercolour, price includes international shipping, etc. Will ship FLAT, not rolled.

 No NSFW pls!

  • 1 x A5 watercolour commission for each month pledged
  • All the merits of the Supporter tier 
  • A massive thank you from me!
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