Patreon's new Service Fee & Noclip
Hey Patrons,

Some changes are happening to the way each of you is billed and I wanted to clarify what this means for you and for Noclip.

As you know Noclip has always been transparent about the amount of funding we receive. We continue to show our full funding amount publicly on our page, and we're pretty open about how we spend it. So in keeping with that, we want to give you insight into what changes you shall see on your bill, and on Noclip.

The number you see on our Patreon page says how much we take home a month. At the time of writing it says $21,920. This is not the total amount you folks have given us. In fact it's between 89-90% of the funding you actually have pledged.

Up until now Patreon has taken 5% as a processing fee, and we as creators pay a processing fee for each pledge - usually to a credit card company. Patreon say these two fees combined means creators lose between 7-15% of their funding each month.

In the spirit of transparency I have attached a breakdown of how this affected us for the past few months. If you open the attached file (patreonNoclip.png) you can see that our processing fees are somewhere between 5-6% each month, meaning we lose between $1,500-$1,200 from our funding each month from these fees.

This is about to change.

Starting December 18th, instead of paying for two types of fees - we will pay a flat processing fee of 5%. However Patreon is going to charge each of our Patrons a smaller percentage of their fee. You can expect a new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 to each of your individual pledges. 

Basically our processing fees are cut in half,
but you're paying the Patreon cut.

Is this fair? I don't know. 

Will Noclip get more funding as a result of this? Yes.

Will you be paying more for the same thing? No. Here's why:

We only found out about this change in the past few days but it rather elegantly lined up with a lot of plans we've been teasing for the past few weeks. Starting January there are going to be some changes to the amount of videos coming from Noclip, and the amount of Patron-only bonuses. In short, I'm getting help. We're going to have more people editing, filming and working on our output. We're also going to be adding some much requested content, and adding those to the various tiers.

My goal in 2017 was to steady the ship and create a steady output of content. Our goal for 2018 is to expand our influence, grow as a media outlet, and build a stronger connection with our community. I don't wan't to say any more right now but all will be revealed soon enough.  

If you'd like more information, Patreon have created a post about the changes:  

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below. I'll also be talking about this a bunch on our Patron Show this week.


- Your bill is increasing a bit.
- Noclip will benefit by getting back 5-6% a month in lost funding.
- We're  expanding & adding more Patron bonuses to make sure you feel valued.

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Filming Documentaries & Preserving Video Game History

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