Patreonsketch: Age's Quest
“Hail Adventurer!

Oh?  You noticed the blue skin and fins?

I’m merfolk from off the coast, name’s Ageaus, but call me Age.  It’s a long story, and let’s not get into it now. 

*He shows you a book, pointing to the jagged remains of pages that look like they were forcibly torn from the spine.*

I was sketching my illustration manual of the creatures in this area. You’d be surprised just how many creatures live in this province!

You’d also be surprised at just how much I’ve come to hate goblins. 

A few of the little bastards ambushed me down the road and stole my sketchbook! I managed to get it back, but they ripped out a good chunk of the pages. The brutes are probably trying to eat the pages. 

Why would I care about sketches? Because I’m an artist! and if those little philistines mess with the sketches, they could wind up causing serious problems. They’re a little bit magical when separated from the book!

I have to organize the surviving illustrations, and reattach the pages I’ve recovered thus far. Binding this thing again is going to take forever. I also have to make something to keep them off me in the future. I’d be willing to pay you for recovering the pages, and knock off a few of their heads while you’re at it. You can keep anything you else you recover from them, I just want my entries back!


Before I forget; Some of my inks haven’t set yet, so the images might smudge, or possibly come to life! They may be slightly cursed. 

Lord knows what sort of primitive magic those idiot goblins might be working on the pages to boot. 

I’d wear gloves. I’m sure it won’t be much an issue for such a capable adventurer such as yourself! Take care of my Goblin problem, and I’ll reward you handsomely with a satchel of gold!"

So it begins. One at a time each one of you will take up this quest to help him put his book back together, and each one of you will not succeed!

- You're all going to end up as one of the creatures he sketched!

- The creature will be decided by [myself] rolling a 20-sided dice! 

- You will get one re-roll if you don’t like your outcome.

- You have the option to pick a “class”for the after image (however for some creatures it won’t apply).

- All images are post-tf


November Experimental Sketch:  AGE-Promo

This Month’s reward for the $25/Month tier

Theme: Failed Quest




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