Patron Cake Decorating Contest!
Hooray! Time for our first cake decorating contest! I will be holding these probably every other month and gathering great prizes for you all :) I will be putting up a page with all the official rules and such on the new sugar geeks website but for now, I wanted to give you the THEME! I wanted to try something really different and see what you creative people can do with WHITE TEXTURES! No color! Does not have to be a classic design of piping or anything like that, anything white. Does not need to be a real cake! Use cake dummies if you want but all the outside decor must be edible. It's so cool what shadows are created when you use texture and take away the color. Search textures on pinterest for some amazing inspiration! Rules: Cakes must be submitted to [email protected] with your name, address, at least 3 in-process photos, a little bit about how you made your cake and the techniques you used by May 1st. No color allowed. Cake can be any shape you desire. Be as creative as possible. Cakes will be based on execution, creativity in theme, and overall appearance by three impartial judges. Must be a current patron to win :) Categories PROFESSIONAL: Expert: Someone who makes cakes for a living or has more than 3 years of experience, teaches classes. NEWBS: Someone who does not make the majority of their income from cakes or has less than 3 years of experience. Awards: These will grow as I gather awards and prizes but first off is CASH! PROFESSIONAL: 1st place: $200 runner up: $100 NEWBS: 1st place: $150 runner up: $75 Plus swag from sweetastic,, simicakes isomalt, marvelous molds,, icing images and MORE! It's gonna be AWESOME! I expect to see every patron participate! There are less than 400 patrons so your chances of winning are super! Good luck!
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