Patron Credits
Hi everyone. There has been some advantage taken over this, so I need to clarify how patron names are put in the credits of videos. Some people have become a patron and then left the same day or the next day. This means they viewed my content on here without being a paid patron. One of the two people who did this, did it multiple times. Since your subscription is processed in the beginning of each month, and you are not charged until the first of the month, there is nothing I can do to stop this from happening. If I was editing a video and saw that I had a new patron, I might have added a person to the credits for videos when in fact they were not paying patrons because they were not charged yet. For this reason, any new names to be added to the credits will be after subscriptions have been processed in the beginning of each month. If you choose to cancel your subscription after your payment has been processed, your name will remain in the credits for the remainder of said month. So, if you join on the 5th of a month, your name will not appear in the end credits until the following month when your payment is processed. The same goes for any rewards that might be due to you.

Thank you for your understanding.