Patron (Digital) Rewards are ready! (and more)
PATRONS, CHECK YOUR INBOXES! The Stormriders digital previews are polished and ready to distribute! Just a reminder, if you're donating $1 per month (Steward tier), you will receive a PDF preview of the first 5 chapters. If you're donating $5 per month (First Mate tier), you'll receive the first 5 chapters AND a Stormriders digital short story. 


Speaking of the Stormriders short story... it is officially in the editing phase. This reward is available for Patrons donating at the First Mate, Quartermaster and Captain tiers. This story takes place in the Stormriders universe, and gives some background and context to the origin story of one of our protagonists (don't worry, NO SPOILERS!).


I'm going to be offering a series of blog posts on my website,, discussing various aspects of a writer's process, centralized primarily on the Writer's Trifecta: Setting, Characters, and Plot... and talking about these topics from the personal context of my work on Stormriders. You can read the first installment, "Spark", here. While visitors to the blog will be able to preview the content of each post, the articles in their entirety will be available here, exclusively for Patrons!

So much good stuff in the works. And in the meantime, this book won't write itself!