Patron hangout this Sunday (May 5th)!

OK, real talk: We have sort of botched the Patron hangouts that we promised as a goal. Lots of reasons (i.e., excuses) but my parents taught me that it's never too late to send a "Thank you" card so applying that logic here it's never too late to make good on a pledge.

So this Sunday (Cinco de Mayo) we are going to have our first patron hangout! We'll be starting at 7pm Eastern Time for one hour (so everyone can get to Game of Thrones by 9pm). Right now myself and Abe will definitely be there but others may pop in and out. If any of you are able to make we'll just chat with you, take your questions, do whatever. If no one shows up, I'm going to use the hour to make Abe build a D&D character (he doesn't know this yet), and if folks show up and want to see that then we'll just do that anyways. If you want to know more about that process you can read up here:

In the future we'll have other co-hosts and may put a poll here on the Patreon page so y'all can vote on a good date and time, but for this one it's mostly about breaking the seal and actually getting this done to fulfill our promise to you all, our beloved patrons. 

I think we'll do it via a Google Hangouts or Youtube thing, tech issues permitting. Patreon has a method for doing it within the site itself, so if that works it should alert y'all in the moment, otherwise I'll send out a link 5-10 minutes before we go live. Fingers crossed!

Comment below if you plan on attending! (And sorry again we're only now getting our act together.)

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