Patron Hangout this weekend! (Sun 22nd Nov)
Hi Fellas!

Right.... gonna have a google hangout with y'all this weekend come hell or high water!  I owed you all this for a LONG time.  Lets say:

9pm Europe,

8pm UK

3pm EST

noon PST

7am ACT (AG!)

All I can say is I've not been slacking.... bust a gut today getting a new video up about the Mizzou hunger striker (uploading now), berating everyone for their 'white privilege'.... turns out he's the son of a multimillionaire.

Technically I put it together in less than 20 hrs (just the editing), although the background reading etc added significantly to that.  I might not know all the keyboard shortcuts, but thats still pretty fast for a ~25 min video!

As with many of the feminism videos, I wont be adding this to the patreon supported feed. Part of it is I dont want to be accused of 'cashing in on racism', although that never stopped the feminists from claiming I was 'cashing in on sexism' even though I've added virtually none of the feminism videos to the Patreon supported feed.


anyways looking forwards to talking to you all this weekend.  

Best wishes,


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