Patron Letter: Rejection
In the month of February, I had three of four submitted stories rejected. One was a children's magazine, Cricket, that I really want to be published in, two were the same magazine that published me the first time. One of the stories, the Rooglewood Contest, is still out for review.

I felt very discouraged by the three rejections back to back. It made me doubt myself, doubt my stories, and really doubt my publishable-ness. I know that if Cricket goes and reads my blog, they'll probably reject me because they don't want to be associated with such an obvious Christian. Getting one story published by a magazine that proceeds to reject everything else I send them starts to feel like I got lucky instead of having real skill. 

I think, as Emily pointed out, that I'm too Christian for secular publishers, and too dark for Christian publishers. 

But, being rejected and critiqued is good. I need to work on my short stories and faerie tales. I need to analyze their pacing, figure out what works and what doesn't. The Birthday Stories were so much fun to do, but I need to work on honestly critiquing their value as a stand alone story. 

I also need to expand my places to submit. I've gotten a book about Children's Story publishing which points out that it's one of the hardest fields to break into. It also states how much of the Children Industry is centered around "issues". They want stories dealing with issues children deal with. I don't really write issue driven stories, as much as adventure stories. Issues should be the backdrop...though I tend to be warrior issue driven. Ha!

So! Rejection abounds. lol. I need to keep moving forward. I need to find new ways to be published. the more I am published, the more likely I will be to get a Children's Story published. I think maybe the Children's Story needs to be the end goal, not the start goal. 

What can you do to help? One, you already have. You support me here. Each time you make a pledge, that's more money saved towards either hiring an editor or Indie publishing something. Second, share. Anytime y'all can share about your rewards package, or a blog article I've written that helps. Third, interact. This is probably the biggest thing. Any time y'all interact on Instagram, my FB page, or twitter, it makes my numbers go up, and it makes my social media look healthy and thriving. Forth, pray. Pray that if it is the Lord's will for me to have more things published, he'll open the right doors, and that if it's not, I'll be content. All of this y'all already do. I can't thank you enough. Please don't stop. 

I love you all, you are the best of Patrons and dear friends. Thanks for reading this long letter.