Patron level updates

This page is a couple months old now, and since I started it, I've been tweaking my approach based on my understanding of the platform and my capacity.

One thing I've been doing, while I have a few dedicated wonderful patrons, is essentially not differentiating between patron tiers when it comes to first looks and things like that--and I realized that, though I obviously want more patrons, I don't want to revoke access from some patrons later on.

So! I've altered my patron levels a little bit, based on the way theaters describe their donors.

All my patrons will always get bonus and advance content, behind the scenes looks, and access to polls and Q&As. Higher level patrons will still have privileges when it comes to getting merchandise and physical books, and that's honestly just logistical based on how much those things cost to produce.

Please let me know if you have any questions!