Patron Levels Change
When we were planning this Patreon, we had a long discussion about how high or low to set the backer levels. With a non-physical good there's a lot less obvious guidance, as the cost per copy distributed is tiny in comparison to the time we have to put into the original writing work.

So, we were 50/50 on what to have as the base Reader level. Half of us were at $5, the other half at $3.* 

In the end we settled on a simple principle - if we start high, and then drop the levels, people will be happy to be receiving more, or pledging less.

Judging by feedback we have received since launch, we started at the wrong level. So we're taking the prices down, as we knew we might.

Those of you who've pledged $5 are now able to vote each month, while if you only want to read the piece you can do that for $3.

We don't currently have a replacement $9 level in mind, so while backers at that level need not lower their pledge (we always appreciate the support) they are welcome to do so.

Be Well


P.S.  if anyone has any suggestions for what they'd like as a higher level, let us know.

*(I myself was split 30/70 - and I'm not telling you which way 'round that was)