Patron Celebration Month! AKA an excuse for gifts
December is an extremely special month for me, because it's my marks my 1 year anniversary of joining Patreon. For lack of better words...being on Patreon has changed my life. Like holy shit, friends!

Being on Patreon has allowed me to open up and be more vulnerable. It has made me feel supported. It has pushed me to create interesting content, record more videos, share my personal moments, and share free and secret music with you. And it has given me a tiny bit of extra financial security. This is absolutely huge. My patrons on Patreon are vital to my actual, everyday day life, not only as a musician, but as a real life human. Needless to say, I am really, really freakin' grateful! 

Given the holidays, my 1-year Patreon anniversary, and the extreme gratitude I have for you, it only seems fitting to do a Patreon Celebration Month! 

What does this mean? It means that every single day this month of December, I'm going to do a giveaway! 

I'm hoping this both invites new people into my Patreon family as well as makes the existing family feel appreciated. 

I don't want to clog your inboxes with a new post about this everyday, so I've created a separate page that I'll keep updating with the new prizes everyday. It's basically like a Patreon Advent Calendar. The way I'm wording everything gears it toward new patrons who join on that specific day, but as my existing patrons, I want you to be able to benefit too. So at the beginning of each week, I'll give a sneak peek of what's to come in the 7 days, so you can start thinking about what you may like. Then you can tell me in comments/message if there's a gift you'd like. If things get unwieldy, I may have to put a limit on some of the gifts, but I'll let you know if it even gets to that! By the way, I want to be clear that you have NO OBLIGATION to do anything "extra" in return, though if you particularly like a gift, it would be super cool if you shared my Patreon page with others. <3 

Examples of gifts will be:

  • I write you an acrostic poem
  • free music downloads 
  • Tell me your favorite holiday song for me to play on violin, and I'll include it in the compilation video for later this month (I hope all my patrons tell me their song choice)!
  • I doodle something for you and send you a picture of it
  • personalized theme melody
  • goofy ringtone of my voice
  • record a 30 second violin improvisation for you
  • I record you a little video from backstage at a show
  • I play a cover of your choice for my Instagram
  • I SING an excerpt of a cover of your choice and send it to you privately
  • a PDF of my top vegan travel tips or kitchen hacks
  • A private 15 minute Skype session!
  • I email you a personalized virtual postcard
  • physical postcard
  • And I'm totally up for suggestions! We still have lots of days left!


Without further ado, here is what's coming up for Week 1!

Day 1: All patrons today get a free piece of sheet music! The choices include any of the individual Stories pieces here, or as a bonus option, you can even receive a score for my solo violin piece On the Other Hand (which isn't officially for sale yet). Let me know in comments, message, or elsewhere what you'd like!

Day 2: If you become my patron today, I will draw you as a sweet potato. 

Day 3: I will improvise on the violin for 30 seconds and dedicate it to you. I will post/send you the video.

Day 4: Tell me your interests and I'll recommend 1-3 podcasts or specific episodes! I know my podcasts, folks.

Day 5: I will write you a 3-line poem.

Day 6: You receive a free song download of your choice (includes official and unofficial releases)! If you already have all of my songs ever created, you can choose to gift the song to a friend.

Day 7: I'll email you a personalized virtual postcard.


I'm super excited. Happy pre-holidays!

PS: I currently have 37 patrons. If I can get to 100 patrons by December 31st, I will post a goofy video of me dancing to a ridiculous song. 🙈 Or I'll do something else that y'all request that's either super out of character for me or is an absurdly good gift to you all (welcoming all thoughts). This is in fine print at the bottom of this post because I'm already scared lol.