Patron Only Feed: 3 Quick Updates
Hi Patrons,

We've grown our little community this week. Yea!

Here are three really quick (as in 'swift') updates.

1. I'm on my third day of a new writing technique I learned last week from another writer (whose name escapes me at the moment -grr!) It's called the Pomodoro technique. You can learn all about it here:

I've written over 4,500 words of Amberlin #2  in the past two days using this simple time management tool, up from an average of about 1,000 words per day (on a good day).

2. I have an editor waiting in the wings for Amberlin #2. Well, she's backlogged until mid-September which is when I plan to have Amberlin #2 finished. Feels great to know I have a quality editor for the new book, and she's read Amberlin #1 and loved it!

3. A hint of what will be included in Amberlin #2 can be found on YouTube at:


Okay, my Pomodoro break is over. Back to writing Amberlin #2.

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