Patron only things expected for next month.
I have a draft for an element series of meditations that I'll sit on a bit before looking over one more time. The first one will be for the earth element. I am considering five elements as done in the Chinese godai. Later I may do meditations for the Japanese version since there are minor differences. I might later do directional meditations. These will not be main projects, as I want to continue focusing more on the poems and the installments of Selkies' Skins. However the meditation portion of my writing decided to whack me repeatedly while I was attempting to work on the current installment for the webnovel.

It hit repeatedly and insisted on doing so until the draft for the Earth meditation was finished. Patrons can look forward to seeing the script next month. I am still debating between whether to use webcam video when I record it for Youtube, still art, Facerig, or Second Life footage. When I actually get to doing that. Each of the meditations will take awhile to do in between the other projects.