Patron Pledge Level Changes
Hi everyone! Remarkably, we've almost been doing this Patreon thing for a full year! In that time, thanks in large part to you guys, I've been able to launch the Analog and D-Pad comic series, continue the Starcaster Chronicles comic series, and add a lot of content to the Console Wars and Campaign comic series! I've also had a year to evaluate the response to the various Patreon reward levels. In my opinion, the previous $5 pledge reward, a monthly Q&A video, was not working. I did not receive enough questions each month to sustain a decent-length video, and I feel watching me draw a comic at high-speed is only going to be interesting so many times. I draw comics, it's why you're all here. So it seems to me that, to the best of my ability, the reward levels should reflect the reason that you support me in the first place. So starting today, instead of a video, all $5+ pledge level Patrons will receive an additional, exclusive Ethan and Lucas One Shot comic strip each month. This strip takes place within their new Analog and D-Pad canon, and will provide an opportunity to show our characters doing what they do between the adventures they have in the full issues. Being at work, playing or commenting about new games, experimenting with their powers, etc. I've adjusted our milestone goals to reflect this as well. If this change happens to bring in more Patrons, then all Patrons have the chance to gain some extra Analog and D-Pad comics between the issues. I love writing the full issues of Analog and D-Pad, and I'm excited about visiting these characters in smaller moments along the way and how it will add to the overall experience. And thank you all so much for your continued patronage!