Patron POEM!
This just in: a beautiful response to the poem “I prolong getting ready for the party!” Rebecca Haley, my dearest friend, offered me her response poem and is permitting me to share it! 

I love this! Why didn’t I think of it before? Let me know what you think of the words? Let this page be an open forum of thought, work, ideas, and poetry! 

I (too) prolong getting ready for the party.

by Rebecca Anne Haley 

A thousand smiles and voices chirp, sun-soaked on the other side of the door down the hall, welcoming hands pressed against the glass. 

Yet who’s to say I would be welcome in their ecstasy in my apostasy,

Who’s to say it will be merry for me,

Not blaring for me, glaring for me?

What if I open the door and the first thing someone says is here’s some kool-aid, drink up?

They say life is a community of hope, Love, and grace,

But when they see my face

Will there be space

Or will I be swallowed up

Buoyed up

Before I even have a chance to open my mouth

The fruit of the spirit is love joy peace patience kindness gentleness and self control

But the fruit of solitude is quiet stillness safety and a world all my own

The voices call, the hands press,

We will catch you, just come on out!

And yet, I prolong getting ready for the party