Patron Posts Are Coming Soon!
Hey everybody!  How's it going?  We are starting August with lots of rain in Taiwan.  It has delayed my podcast a little but don't worry.  It should be ready to listen to in the next 24 hours.

About the podcast, for now on, I will upload a mp4 and a text version of the show.  Just in case I have people who love to read.  Now you'll get both.

Patrons, who are waiting for this month's jigsaw puzzles, they'll be ready and posted on the 5th.  If you would like me to create some other puzzles like Hangman, Crossword, Matching ect., send me a message.  I know some of you have children, and they are great for exercising the gray matter.

I'm changing some of the tiers, too.  For example, I'm going to get rid of the Q&A and art lessons unless of course someone jumps into them.  I'm going to replace them with something more tangible like an art action and art prints shipped to your home.  

What would you like to have?  Posters, art printed on wood, greeting cards, t-shirts, original ACEO's for you collectors out there? What?  Drop your suggestion in the comment box below.

Thank you!!!