Patron Reward: Create-A-Customer!
The Exhibitionists. Dog Guy. The Vegetarian. Indecisive Guy, The Flasher, Coffee Guy and the fraggin' Arcade Kids. These are only a few of the daily pains in the hoop that Mica and Augustus have to deal with. Now YOU have the chance to inflict even more misery onto the life of the Stuffer Shack clerks.

So what do I need from you? Well this is one of those things that is only available to $10+ patrons. If that sounds like you (or if it COULD be you), let's get into it a bit further.

I think we should discuss our customers here a moment before we go too far. What we usually go for on the show are 'those' customers. If you've ever worked retail you know them. The stupid questions, the entitled attitudes. The vacant stares of men and women who don't know exactly what they're asking for but expect you to someone magic up some sorcery that'll divine what they need. All because you wear a cheap work shirt. Hell, I've never even worked retail and I know the type. 

Inspirational Video: 

Why do I mention this? Because this is the sort of customer we're looking for from you. I mean it's easy to want to inject your favorite runner, contact or fixer into the world. But I'll tell you, it'll lead to disappointment. It won't have the impact you want it to. Misinterpretation sucks! From being a player in Complex Action's AP I know a big stress about the create an NPC thing was Bobby 'getting the NPC right'. So let's get creative together instead and have fun with the clerks.

FORMAT (follow this layout for your submission)

Character 'Name': Customers don't have names. Customers are worthless sacks of drek that basically make everyone's life harder. This place wouldn't be so bad without the customers. So, aim for the sort of naming convention listed in our opening paragraph. Dog Guy. Coffee Guy, Indecisive Guy. The name should sum up the customers 'theme'.

Theme: So, in a paragraph tell me about this dickshoe... I mean customer. How does he act? What does he look like? What's their 'quirk'. Extra points for giving your customer some Sixth World flare!

Hooks: Give me (2) hooks for your customer. This is essentially how they'd enter a scene. Like one of coffee guys speeches or the Meltdown challenge. Or Dog Guys dog food binge. Something you think will be fun, or awkward or cringy. 


This offer NEVER closes. Well maybe not never. As long as there is Tales from the Stuffer Shack (or a spin off) this offer will be open to $10+ patrons. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Occasionally in the future I will call for a RESET. When I do so, you'll have a chance to submit ANOTHER scumbag customer. That's a lot of words in capital. 

Basically what I'm saying is that it's not just a one time chance to inconvenience Mica and Augustus but a rolling one. 

Please submit your customer to: [email protected] - I may come back at you for some fine tuning or some changes so that it works with the narrative/style of the show. We're in this together of course! As can be assumed, you'll be thanked in the end credits of the show for your no doubt unique contribution!

Bummed that you're not a 10+ subscriber!? Well, I'm thinking that a Create-A-Customer might be a good thing to put in the 5+ Draws we're gonna be starting!

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