Patron Reward Updates
Mes amis!

(I don't even know if that's the right phrase for a woman to use. I learned my French from Gambit.)

I've updated my patron reward list so there are Things, granted, mostly silly frivolous Things, but Things, that you get with different levels of patronage. I had a look and I don't think I can automatically update you to receive those Things, but if you swing by the Patreon page it'll have an 'edit your patronage' button and if you click that I think it'll let you select a reward level for whatever level you're supporting at (at least, if I've added that tier in) and then you can get the Silly Things. (It's stuff like, if you're donating $5/m, I'll eventually buy a mint hot chocolate, which costs about $5 at my favourite place, write your name on it, and take a picture of me with it to send to you. :))

I am open to suggestion for equally fun reward stuff like that, that wouldn't be too hard to fulfill on my end and would make all of us happy. Skype sessions to say hi at $10/m? Or some kind of larger webcast thing, not that I've ever done that or know how?

Anyway, I love you people immensely and I've just finished the MAGIC & MANNERS revisions so tomorrow I'm going to 1. find a story I wrote in college and post it for you (I don't know yet if I'm gonna revise it O.O) and 2. start writing a bonus Old Races story for you for this month. <3


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