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Become my Patron RPG Maker, this is a subscription for only $3 a month. Each month I will give away one artwork, one Photoshop data file and one exclusive video tutorial until the end of 2017. You will NOT get these rewards if you join later, so don't miss out and JOIN NOW!

If you have any questions, send me a message here on Patreon (MasqueradeJacker) or on my YouTube (JackersEdit

You will get:

  • Full size PNG artworks (more than 4000px width)
  • Original PSD file of all artworks. (Separated layers, so you can see the process I went through, colour, shadow, particles, etc)
  • Video tutorials (Teaching you everything I did in Episode 1 of my game)
  • Lost in Fantasy City Soundtrack in HD (Full song & loop versions)

Become My Patron RPG Maker Now:

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