Patron September 2017 Update
I made a video to show you all what I've been doing the last couple of weeks to prepare for the school year. Many of the supplies I purchased used funds from my patrons, and I wanted you to see the impact you're already having in the classroom!

I also sent patrons who were charged September 1 an updated .zip file full of VFE .brd & .sch Eagle files. I added 5 new effects - Red Wolf vintage d`istortion, Rise & Fall vintage tremolo, Tiger compressor/drive, Phoenix fuzzstortion, and an easier-to-build Choral Reef. These pedals will be available as effect options for patrons next month!

Brian at has generously offered a place on his forum for VFE projects! Patrons can go here to troubleshoot projects, share mod ideas, discuss component sourcing, etc. Here is the link -

I have updated my patron list with September 1 payments. If September 1 was your first payment at the $10 level or higher, you got credit for 2 payments! That means you'll get your first physical reward shipped out next month.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Rutter
VFE Pedals
IDEA School

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