Patron Testimonials - Show Your Support!
Hello Patrons,

I would like to see feedback and a buzz from the community who support me here on Patreon.

If you got a commission from me in the past, I invite you to leave your testimonial on the whole experience. 

1. How was our communication?

2. Do you think my commission price was fair?

3. What are your thoughts on the finished art piece?

4. Is there anything you would change? (Voice your opinion!)

5. Would you consider commissioning me again?

You may post your testimonial or general greetings in the "Community" tab on my Patreon page. I'd appreciate it greatly.

Also, as a special treat, those who have commissioned me and leave a testimonial will receive 10% off their next commission. How great is that?!

I look forward to reading them, and I thank those who supported me in the past leading up to today.

Thank you!

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