Patron spotlight: Blaine <3
Had my first patron lunch yesterday with my good friend Blaine :) Blaine and I have been friends since we met at my first job when I was 15-years-old. She's been a huge support to me personally, and she supports me as a creator by being a patron. I've got three others that are getting scheduled. So excited for the lunches to come!
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Mount Everest
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$1 a month goes a very long way toward helping me produce quality content <3

  • Access to the patron-only feed
  • Invitation to periodic patron-only Google Hangouts!
  • Twitter shout out for becoming my newest patron <3
Grand Canyon
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I'd love to write to you about how much your patronage means to me. Please write back if you'd like!

  • A hand-written thank you card <3
  • Ability to enter into periodic drawings and giveaways
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Victoria Falls
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Credit to you in the description of my videos shows my gratitude for your support every time I post a video.

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Great Barrier Reef
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Hang out with me in your hometown when I travel near to you!

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Paricutin volcano
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Let's be pen pals! If it fits in an envelope, then it could be on it's way to your mailbox. Expect everything from stickers to notes to photos and whatever else inspires me :)

  • Periodic inspired mail straight to your door
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Harbor of Rio de Janeiro
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Schedule a one-on-one Skype session with me, ask questions or for advice, or we can just chat about life. You decide!


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Northern Lights
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Receive periodic themed care package from me.

Current: Local flare

Coming soon to a mailbox near you... something local to Missoula, MT where I live! The last local flare package included Huckleberry Chapstick, this time you'll have to wait and see!


  • Periodic themed care packages
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