Hey y'all, so the $ amount has been going up and down recently but it seems to have settled solidly above the $100 mark, which means we're doing streams! First one will be Sunday the 26th of March at 10am NZDT (That's Saturday the 25th of March for most of you - 9pm GMT, 4pm EST, 1pm PST, 8am AEDT) and going forward I'd be looking at doing them on the last Sunday (NZ time) of each month.

The link to watch will be posted publicly, but the link to join in will be posted here on Patreon, and only patrons will be able to see it. If we have more patrons trying to join than we have spots on the stream (there's a maximum of 12 that can join a live hangout) then we'll do some tastefully organized rotation to make sure everyone who wants to come on can.

We'll have stuff to watch and comment on, I'll answer questions, if you want to shill something (like your channel, blog, etc) feel free, it'll be great! Looking forward to seeing y'all there!