Patron Tiers Just Got Savage!
Savage Rifts is the play-by-post home to the much anticipated Savage Worlds release of the iconic Rifts franchise. Explorers Unlimited  has been the play-by-post home to hundreds of gamers for well over a decade. When PEG launched its  Kickstarter campaign, I quickly moved to get the best domain name for a future play-by-post site for this new take on a venerable RPG classic. It's been developing as its own community for some time now, and seems to be doing quite well as both old-school Palladium gamers and Savage gamers alike seem to be enjoying it. As such, I felt it finally appropriate to expand Patreon benefits to those on Savage Rifts.

Each Patronage Tier now includes benefits for both  EU  and  SR .

Cross system & cross site goodness!
  • If you're a Patron of EU , you're automatically a Patron of SR ; all the benefits of patronage on both sides just for being a patron!

    Let's continue growing both communities!