Patron update 15/07/17
Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late upload, we had to take the tough decision to put one of our ratties to sleep earlier in the week and I've been quite slow to regain my motivation. Unfortunately he had a brain tumour that was only going to get worse so I know it was for the best.

As such I haven't been able to do a great deal this week. I uploaded a short quick colour theory guide and I have a few WIPs to show off which I think you'll like. I tried recording a progress video on OBS but it was messing me around again and put my windows in the wrong order so I ended up with about an hour of nothing! Oops!
I've been learning how to use audacity and looking into better microphones to improve my video quality. The videos are taking a lot longer than I thought they would because I've found I do quite badly without a script so I'm having to write everything out.
I'll try to get a test video out next week !

Hope you're all doing well!