Patron Update - Jan 2018
Patrons! Congratulations on surviving 2017, hope you all had a lovely Christmas period, and welcome to a brand new year!

December certainly ended dramatically on my end with a catastrophic sewage leak that has upended my workflow considerably, but I'm hard at work getting things ready and running as soon as I can.

For those of you at the $15 tier or higher, the biggest piece of news would be the development of the New Helena map for the patron server, which is aiming to be live for your exploration later this month.

I'm currently making  scenic island after scenic island and hoping to have that section of things squared away by the end of this week (possibly already by the time you see this post!), after which I need to run around setting up the various NPCs and their trades, quests, dialogues, etc. The last step will be to take the patron server offline and set everything up there ready for launch day, which will be our server event this month.

There will be a "shareholder meeting" stream on Sunday the 14th at 6 PM GMT while I run around doing quest work, so stay tuned for that.

Fresh reminder that the whitelist will be completely reset with the server reboot so if your Minecraft username isn't on this post you won't be able to log on!

There was admittedly a bit of a slip on one or two rewards last month with the hectic nature of everything but we should be back on course again now so if you have a VFX or audio clip request send it in and I'll get to the grindstone! As per usual I'll also need whatever name you want to be credited with on the video endslates (as well as whatever youtube channel, if any, you want it to point to). 

And beyond all that, I am hoping to find the time to get VFX and editing completed and finalised so that, at long last, you'll be able to see the finale of Maid-ing Do this month (or next, failing that).

Haunting ep 5 is still planned, but I thought this had gotten a little bit long in the tooth. Either way this might mean video releases are a tad sluggish this month but livestreams should still be going ahead as normal.

That's all for now, catch you all next time! :D