Patron Update 23/07/17
Hello my lovely patrons!

This week's been a bit hectic! I'm dealing with another sick rat (he's a bit wheezy, possibly a respiratory infection) and I leave for MCM Manchester on Wednesday this week. It's sort of like a working holiday, we're driving to the Central belt on Wednesday, then spending a day in York, going to Manchester for setup on Friday, selling Saturday and Sunday, spending a day in Nottingham on Monday, driving to the central belt again on Monday night and Back to Inverness on Tuesday night.

Since I'm a little behind on Patreon this month and I'll be away for a week I thought I'd do something a little different!


This month all $5+ patrons will receive one goodie bag featuring stickers, button badges, mini prints, whatever things I think you'd like posted right to your door.  I'll be sending these out the week I get back so I'll ask for your details before then. I was thinking of doing these bi-annually in summer and winter just as a little something extra to say thanks for your support.

Hope you're all doing well! Normal patreon posting will resume shortly. If you'd like to know anything about selling at conventions on the business side, selling your art to the public, displays, or pitching yourself let me know!