PATRON UPDATE: Fall 2018 Tour Photo Diary

Happy December, team!

Wow, what a blur the last few months have been… I got back to Nashville on Thanksgiving day after being gone for almost two months… starting with the High Coast Songwriting Camp in Sweden and then jumping into 7 weeks of touring with Megan Slankard (and Charlotte)… around the Midwest, Canada, East and West Coasts. I had an amazing time... it was also amazing to collapse face first onto my own bed.

For the next few months, I will be preparing for the release of my album (which you  helped create) and I’m looking forward to taking you inside this next phase of an album’s life cycle. I will do my best to share my experiences, hopes and fears as I navigate the “business” side of the music business and lay out a plan for the release and support of the new record! I will also be producing several albums for other artists as well, starting with a double album for one of my very favorite bands, Delta Rae. I am excited to open a window into the studio from a record producer’s standpoint (hint: more cowbell is just the beginning). It’s a mysterious job to many so I welcome any questions you may have about how records get made these days!

But before the last couple months fade too far into memory, I wanted to share some photos and stories from the last 7 weeks on the road! I am always so grateful for the chance to travel around this beautiful and complicated country and be surprised, humbled, and inspired by people we meet and places we explore. These days it's been healing to see first hand how much common humanity still thrives around the country, despite so much noise to the contrary.  Somewhere along the way, Megan and I learned a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "America." It was comforting to get to sing lyrics that so brilliantly articulate the mixture of hope and confusion we were feeling as we traveled around the country in 2018. Above is a video of us performing it for the first time at the Swedish American Hall in SF.

And with that, allow me to introduce you to the glamorous life of the modern touring musician (through the window of a very small Nissan Sentra)...

We started the tour with a bag filled with fresh garden veggies and intentions to eat healthy throughout the tour. Both lasted about 4 days.

This USB drive is how I brought my new album on the road! Thanks to all who purchased one, I hope you're enjoying the music!

Some audiences hung on our every word (House concert, Minneapolis MN)

Tour is a good place to try new things.  Here is Megan learning to enjoy a nice post-show whiskey.

Sleep is a precious commodity on the road.  Gotta grab it wherever you can.

My favorite thing about traveling is trying local specialties. Here are delicious fried cheese curds from Appleton WI, which are a great idea. Shoveling them into your mouth 30 minutes before showtime is not, it turns out.

I learned that another Appleton specialty is an Old Fashioned made with olives.  For some reason they are proud of this.

Good People, Part 1: Somewhere in Michigan

Here we are in the wholesome midwestern town of Spring Lake MI.

Booking a tour is really just kind of an excuse to pass through Ann Arbor MI so you can come to Zingerman's Deli.

You can still find ways to be bougie on the road.  Here's me enjoying a beautiful cheese board of Mimolette cheese, honey glazed blueberries and assorted nuts.

Toronto ON

Hip Hop album cover candidate #1

Chinese food in Canada.  How spicy could it be?

The answer is this spicy.

En route to Ottawa ON

Legalization day, Ottawa ON

Hip Hop album cover candidate #2

But is it?

Hip Hop album cover candidate #3

Back seat drivers are the worst.

Char had her 5th birthday on the road.  This was her bday present.

Bougie tour picnic: Atwater market, Montreal QC

Megan isn't really into smoking.

Hip Hop album cover candidate #4

Sometimes you see something so beautiful you have to stop and take a picture. Knowlton QC

And then ruin it with selfies.


I love house concerts because you get to step into people's lives in a way you might never get to otherwise.  We played a private retirement party for this lovely man in Coventry RI and jammed with his sweet family till late in the evening.


My secret to surviving tour? Stretches every morning, no matter what.

The fine folks at Telefunken Microphones invited us to record a live session in their beautiful factory in South Windsor CT...

We recorded on their world-class studio on their amazing mics...

And filmed the entire performance, which will be available soon!

This is Char subtly letting me know she's bored out of her fucking mind.

They took some pictures of us holding really expensive stuff...

And sent us home with some new babies!  Thanks so much Telefunken! 

Of all the meals we had on this tour, this one was hands-down my favorite. Falafel platter and peach soda from Villa of Lebanon, South Windsor CT

South Windsor CT

Tour family portrait, South Windsor CT

Good People, Part 2: Isadors Cafe, Oxford MA

Storing sleep like fat for the winter.

Our good friend, the brilliant Vienna Teng happened to be playing the day after our show in NYC, so I sat in with her for a few songs.  Photo by the talented Karen Shih. 

Photo by Karen Shih. 

Photo by Karen Shih. 

Photo by Karen Shih. 

Photo by Karen Shih. 

The next day she, Megan and the talened Melissa Tong joined me for a live performance on a video series called Cellar Sessions in the cellar of City Winery NYC. Watch the full performance here. 

Halloween in Brooklyn.

Superfan.  Chesapeake VA


Char is a pro at tour.

Char has not seen the Lion King so this photo was totally lost on her.

Sometimes you find your tribe where you least expect.  Radford VA.

We stopped back in Nashville for 24 hours before the West coast, in which time I,,,

Dropped off my ballot...

Mastered my new album...

And did... this.

We then flew to San Francisco for our biggest show of the tour, headlining at the beautiful Swedish American Hall.

I mean, these chairs were just sitting backstage.  What could we do?

Charlotte's her favorite West coast dog park, Duboce Park in SF.

You have to make sure you get enough vitamin D on tour.

We got to stop by and see our friends at Patreon while in SF! They loved our video BTW.

We were in CA just as the fires were getting worse. Our hearts and lungs ached for our home state.

Highway 5, en route to LA

We were checking the news constantly as we drove into LA... we weren't sure if the show was even going to happen.

We pushed on and were grateful we did.  We had an amazing time opening for the absolutely brilliant Anders Osborne.  Our talented friend Karen Shih was on hand to take photos.

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Photo by Karen Shih 

Good times. Alhambra CA

Impromptu photo shoot with Char at The Bridge House BnB, Redding CA

Just learned there is a movement to create a new state called Jefferson out of Northern CA and Southern OR.  They are all set with hay.

Tour friends.  Portland OR

En route to Bend OR

Last concert of the tour! Live On Amaranta Concert Series, Palo Alto CA

Thanks to everyone who came to a show and opened your ears and hearts to our music! Hope to see you again soon.

It's good to challenge yourself on tour. I wanted to see how many times in a row I could eat my favorite veggie nachos from Casa Mexicana in SF.  The answer is 8.

OK San Francisco, this is why people in the midwest hate you.  Take it down a notch.

They don't have Philz coffee in Nashville... stop looking at me.


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