Patron viking names round 4: Skrukklunga saga
By the deaf and blind gods, I have come to warn you of the foul kin called the SKRUKKLUNGAR - The Wrinklings. Ogre-Kári (Magnus W.), Herjolf the horse-burster (Mike Hackett), and Bodvar the sausage (Birk Jakobsen)! known thusly since days when king Atli sheathed his sword in the Roman ass.  Named after their ancestor Hrómundr the wrinkled (Adrian Rinde) of Mæri. An ill ruler if ever there was! 

It is written Skrukklunga Saga, that the insolent Hrómund once found a dwarf child and brought him home to torture, extorting his parents into fashioning for him all manner of treasures, and a golden codpiece that would grant him eternal life. But the gods saw this shameful display and intervened: Odin snuck a sleep thorn into the codpiece, and delivered it to the king as he sat in his bath house. The shameful Hrómund put on the codpiece, and no sooner did he feel the prick before he fell asleep. Three hundred winters he spent in that bath before he woke! 

His descendants are easy to spy, as the gods decreed that they shall be perpetually wrinkled from the day that they are born. Fleeing their dishonorable heritage, the Skrukklungar sailed West. It is said that Hrómund wanders Vinland to this day, scaring women and animals alike with his terrible skin. It is widely agreed that this was a good punishment for his foul deeds.  

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