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Hey my awesome patrons! I just want to say thank you So Much for all of the monetary support I've received over the past 10 months. This has made such a huge difference with the quality of my creations, and I am so very proud to say that I am still growing with each new video I post. I am starting to make my drawings electronically which is fun and unique, and very rewarding! I'm learning how to make mini animations and enjoying every minute! - (let me know your thoughts about them Btw) I am always open to suggestions and want to keep you all happy with the service you are supporting me with. If you have any ideas on songs to cover, rewards that you would like to see, or even ideas with the way I can interact with you, please post them here, or send me a private message. Let's keep this conversation going! Here is my latest cover "Waves" by Mr. Probz. I will be releasing this to the public on Tuesday. But wanted to let you guys see it first. Hope you enjoy! xoxo -Jess PS. Sending electronic freshly baked cookies, and hugs!