Patrons' monthly request stream! (sept. 17th)
Saturday, Sept. 17th (10:30pm, Paris time) will be the first Patreon request stream! For reminder, this stream will be public on my picarto channel, but $5+ patrons decide of what I draw.

If you can't attend the stream, you can still make your request here in the comments! I'll post the drawings here, soon after the stream.

  • Remember that these requests are meant to be quick sketches
  • I won't draw nsfw or ships  :>  
  • I'm willing to draw fanarts and OCs. 
  • Chances are I won't know the character, so please link me a few visual refs (and even a simple prompt if you like) so I can have a better idea  how to approach this character.

If you come to the stream, please announce yourself as a patron (if you username is not the same as on Patreon), so I know who can and who cannot make requests among the stream viewers.

And that's all for now! I hope to see you there :>