PATRONS ONLY: Queer and Dangerous
NOTE: Below is the text from the new PATRON ONLY installment I just posted about the series Queer and Dangerous I'll be sharing with them. AS YOU CAN SEE it pointedly doesn't include the attached installment. If you back my patreon for even ONE DOLLAR you get awesome access to this story AS I WRITE IT. Currently I only have the first two chapters (and this prologue) finished and edited to my satisfaction. But I think it's still pretty good so far. I thought sharing the teaser text might pique some interest. AND HERE IT IS dear backers; the first installment by what I'm tentatively calling "Queer and Dangerous" (alternately Of Masks and Queers) as a working title. Yeah, this is just the prologue. But I think it does a decent job of setting the stage for the story. Some explanations: Each chapter in the story is narrated by a different main character; not all of these narrators are reliable. :) In fact, in writing I'm doing my best to make sure NONE of them are reliable with one exception (and you'll meet Them much later). While Henry's pretty reliable the first chapter is narrated by The Krow and he's... not. This is a pretty interesting experiment for me, pointedly adding in wrong information and leaving some information out. The story is set in Cleveland, Ohio which is where I'm "from" (if anyone who's not from Ohio actually asks). Because of this a lot of it's going to be more physically accurate... but I still take some liberties. Regardless, some references (e.g. "a city where I was the minority for not being Jewish") will be fun in jokes for anyone who knows the area. In this case Beachwood is the reference, which is a city with such a high population of Jews that their public schools teach Hebrew as a foreign language. :) In this installment we meet the main protagonist and the main antagonist. Regardless, I'm going to also introduce Sylvia, who you'll meet in June :o). Character introductions: The Krow: Originally Thomas Gutierrez, the Krow abandoned his alter ego years ago. Bitter, angry, and hating humanity, the Krow haunts the streets of Cleveland looking to strike fear into the hearts of those who would even think of wrongdoing. Of course, what he thinks of as "wrong" does not always meet that definition legally. The Krow is ostensibly a hispanic cisgender gay man, but if you were to ask him he would say he's moved beyond such trivialities. The Krow possesses the ability to travel and taxi others through a specific dimension characterized by very little to actually distinguish it. Brownish rocks. A dark sky. No heavenly bodies. No bodies of water. The interesting thing is that when he leaves both this dimension and the other he leaves behind a dark smoke in the shape of tendrils that reach out toward those closest. Henry: Last name Kendrick. Henry is an idealistic young man studying criminal justice at a State School in downtown Cleveland. Your everyday casual boy next door... except when the sun starts falling he puts on a mask and goes to fight crime (or at least, those sanctioned by the police). A white cisgender gay man as well, Henry takes the queer struggle (both his and others') incredibly seriously... second only to how seriously he takes the superhuman struggle. Henry possesses "the sight." While at first this doesn't sound all that exciting, the ability to see beyond the veils of the dimensions has its uses. Of course, there's only one that he's never been able to see through to. Regardless, Henry's sight also allows him to understand the written languages of beings from all planes of existence, including his own. In times of great stress, Henry's also shown the ability to blur the lines of reality temporarily as well. Sylvia: No one really knows Sylvia's deadname except her. The legal last name she chose was Smith (because she has a keen sense of irony). A sex worker, Sylvia works as both a camgirl and a callgirl when times get tight. Luckily her bombshell glamazon looks mean she does pretty well on both counts. While Sylvia is a supe, she hates the "culture" and just wants to be left alone. As a white lesbian trans woman she maybe has had to deal with enough that makes that exhaustion understandable. Sylvia is indestructible. Literally. Much to her own annoyance. A late-onset supe, she doesn't know if hormones made her that way but one thing's for sure: going off of them doesn't change it (she's tried). Sylvia's experienced destructive forces comparable to a nuclear bomb (that was unlucky) with not much more than an ache the next day.