Patrons VLOG 2017-05-21 EHS Rewrite Details
Happy almost summer. This is an exclusive post for you my most awesome patrons. In this patrons vlog I explain what happened to the "already finished" first season and detail the story change that had me painted into a corner for a bit.

I shifted to using YouTube as the base video storage instead of Dropbox. I'm hoping that helps those of you using Kindles to view the content. If not, dang it, here is a secret link to this video on YouTube directly 

Let me know what you think. And here is this week's question.

Should I share some spoilers? I have a fantastic rough prologue for season 6 (that is after the entire Janali story arc is complete). But, it reveals some things that won't come out for a long time in the current series. Should I read this to you?