Pattern 1302 Sent Out Now!
For those who were waiting, sincerest apologies on getting this out late. This is the second-to-last Patreon pattern for now. But worry not! Patterns will continue going up on Etsy!! Feel free to continue to follow me here to stay updated and get first peek at all of my patterning projects, and even get tips on some steps in the patterning process.

Pattern 1302 is essentially a modified Glamour Bow, but it is bigger and better... you could even say we set it to W for wumbo... which is why I named it the Wumbow! (Thanks to Akakioga Cosplay for that, hahaha.) The Wumbow is not only larger, but also includes SEVEN bow tail options in it's pack! Perfect for all your large bow needs- magical girls, princess dresses, fancy pop stars, even decorate your home with them!

Although it is not included in this pack, as a very exclusive THANK YOU for all your support, when the pattern 1303, the Diva Bow launches those that were eligible for pattern 1302 will also receive the Diva Bow. Just, as my way to show you thank you for everything. I know my Patreon pattern run was somewhat short lived, and probably could have been better, but I still am humbled by all the support I've received, and just want to pay it back to you. <3 So thank you, thank you, thankkkkk you!

Oh! And if you want to spread the word about this pattern, or have friends that might be interested, it is available for purchase here, along with my other patterns: