PAX East 2014 Exclusive Interview with WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney
At PAX East 2014, I sat down with the Executive Producer at Carbine Studios, Jeremy Gaffney, to discuss WildStar. Check out this exclusive interview you won't find anywhere else! Topics: 00:41 Can you talk about the pink rarity Artifacts and Imbuements? 02:55 Storing old armor on mannequins in your house plus potential bonus down the road for collecting full sets. 04:06 Elder game solo story instances. 05:21 Rewards for solo endgame story instances. 06:59 Post-launch content philosophy. 08:50 Relationship between ArenaNet and Carbine 10:41 Should challenges begin automatically when discovered? 13:11 Why no Collector's Edition? 14:30 What happened to the quests that occurred when you first got your housing plot? 16:27 Come the end of 2014, what do you want people to be saying about WildStar?