PAX South 2018 - Day 1 Expo Floor Footage
Hello Patrons! I just uploaded a new video for you all to check out. It is the footage compilation from Day 1 of the PAX South Expo 2018. I've edited it down to about 13 minutes, and I think it captures a good sense of what the expo felt like on the first day. The first day is always the one with the least attendance, as it is on a Friday, and many people are working that day. Day 2, Saturday, is usually the biggest crowd. I do have footage for Day 2 as well, and I will be uploading that soon. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the video.


A little secret here just for you patrons: I am using a Yi Action Camera, with 4K resolution for this footage. While I had used the camera before to get footage of some outdoors activities I like to participate in, I had never used it for something like this. I wanted to see how well it would handle the poor lighting that most convention halls have, as well as the high noise level and constant moving/jostling through crowds. You can see from the footage that - aside from the skills of the camera man - it shoots pretty decent footage. For Day 2, I used a gimbal to try to steady the cam more, and my buddy (who is the camera man) tried to get better shots and have less jostling. We'll see how that turns out. If you're interested in picking up this camera for yourself, here is my Amazon Affiliate link to it (it helps support the channel):