Pax West & Stream Schedule
Good Morning! Coming up next week is PAX West! Woot!  This is gonna effect my stream schedule as well as my day job.  I am working 8:45am to 9:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also I fly out to PAX West on Thursday 9/1 around 4:30pm from Detroit and return home around 5:30pm on Tuesday 09/06.  So here is the stream schedule for next week starting Monday 08/29/16 and the following week.

08/29 Monday = 10-11pm 08/30 Tuesday = 10-11pm 08/31 Wednesday = 10-11pm (Not 9-11pm as normal)09/01 Thursday = No Stream

09/05 Monday = No Stream09/06 Tuesday = 10-11pm09/07 Wednesday = 9-11pm09/08 Thursday = 10-11pm

Then we should be back to normal the week of Monday 09/12.

Just want to say thank you to each of Patrons who have been so supportive during these past weeks while my day job cuts into my video editing time and reduced my Youtube content.  I am hoping I can resume the editing soon but until then i will do my best to entertain you with the extended stream schedule i am currently rolling with the past couple weeks.Cheers & Happy Gaming!

Matthew a.k.a. Scoti Garbidis