Pay Attention - Mi Thoughts
Hey everyone,

Thank you for your continued support. We are on the cusp of a political revolution, whether you realize it or not. Check out today's podcast to hear why I think you should pay attention, and what role I see myself currently playing.

I am going to start publishing a lot of Mi Thoughts, and they will all be available through podcast apps and on YouTube within the next month. As well, I am going to start having weekly submissions, where one of your suggestions (or more!) will be the subject of an episode. You will also get exclusive first access to some of the more controversial topics.

We are excited to be looking at approximately 20 partnerships already, with people bought into this change just like you and I. So stay tuned, by the end of the summer you won't believe the progress we will have made together.

But you are a key part of that, I appreciate your donation each month, but it is your engagement, your feedback, and interacting with you that keeps me going and lets me know that we are on to something.

So please, shoot me a message, comment here, let me know your thoughts, whether good or bad, on what I am doing. Everything helps.

I look forward to working with you, and can't wait for us to change the world.