Paying It Forward... sort of.
So I've launched my page, and some readers have signed up (thank you!).  There will be money coming in.

And I promptly turned around to pay some of it back out.  I've had a Patreon account for months, but had not actually signed up as a patron anywhere.  Now I have; I've pledged to five of my favorite webcomic creators.

There are others I'd have happily supported if they were on Patreon, but they aren't.

There are two here where I'm still debating it.  For one, he's already taking in far more each month from Patreon than my entire monthly writing income, so I don't feel he needs my money -- though if my own Patreon earnings become significant I'll reconsider.

And the other has the reward levels set in such a way that I'm not happy with any of the options.  Again, I may reconsider should my own income here rise.

But that prompts me to ask -- should I modify my own set-up?  Add more reward options?  Is there stuff I should offer for higher pledge levels?  Seriously, I'm eager for reader feedback.