Payment change: from month to per page
My dear patrons,

first of all I would like to thank you for all your support! It has meant the world to me!

I love making my comics and creating art, but unfortunately, real life events have been too demanding recently and stealing my time for drawing. Some time ago, I announced that I needed to skip daily doodles for a longer period of time and the comics would slow down its production. Sad to say, the situation changed only for worse and I know that it wouldn't get better any time soon.

I am highly grateful to you and I wanted to be honest about my situation. I'd really love to create more, but I don't have enough time while finishing university, having a job and getting my teaching practice. However, I don't want to stop making the comic and I don't want to loose your support.

As a result, I decided to change the patreon subscription to "a payment per comic page". It seems more fair to me because the payment would be proceeded ONLY when there is a promised content. What I want to do - the ideal scenario in case I had all the time I need - is to publish "a paid page" every Monday visible to public. (The ideal scenario would mean 4-5 pages a month. I expect less.) If there are more pages - I would reveal them only to the patrons in advance without an additional payment. Other patron perks would be sneak-peeks, linearts and more stuff from production of the comics.

This new system of payment and reward will start on Saturday, so that the May payments would be processed according to it. Please, adjust your patronage the way you like until then!

I'll inform you more about the changes later.

Thank you,

Veronika Lys