After I clean the cpu fan. It still doesn't work. I may need to buy an new pc instead. :/

I temporary can't resume my drawing as my psd stored at my main PC.

This sub PC has no source file. I need to try drawing on Clip Studio Paint. I don't know why it doesn't work SAI properly.

And this is the work I test. FE Lyn. I remember someone want me to draw her. I try to draw the Green bow ver. She looks more cool at those ver. :P

But the detail may ignored. Her cos. is so complex.


That is meaningless if I ignore the cos detail for Green bow ver.

* This set would contain extreme content. Not for this cover. I know this cover can't be interest for extreme content.

 [13:21] on processing PSD are transfering to sub PC. I reinstall windows 7 to my main pc again. It works properly until I install back my stuffs. It's so weird. I still don't know what's wrong... 

power device?
display card?
CPU overheated?

I can confirm one thing. After I install ATI driver. The windows can't open smooth. 2 Trial it down immediately. 

1st trial I know if I change power strip. It works more stable. The old power strip with USB is suck. When I turn on a fan or any other device. It would stop the power and make my PC down.

3rd trial grey screen which properly cause of CPU overheated. After cooldown it can run 1-2 shoot. When I trying Wacom driver. It down forever.  

4th trial I can install all Adobe I needed. It works perfect. I also make a notice which say the PC works again. But after I input my mini hi-fi, it downs again.

This is 5 trial.

Yea. If I keep the windows nothing install. It works perfect.

So ... ATI driver make CPU overheat and keep crashing?