PD #3 and Content Blitz
Finally getting this whole re-branding business model under control, I have come to realize that though I have been uploading consistently in terms of content over at Youtube.com, I am not sharing these links here.  

That was my bad.  

But no more!  From now on, videos get posted here (1 day early!) for Patrons only, and up on my Facebook page later.

So, first, let's get everything up to speed with a Content Blitz.  I'll link up several links a day for everything I've done so far since launching the page, until the Patreon page is 100% up to speed.


Final Fantasy Tactics - at least the main (vanilla) story arc - is drawing to a close.  As with most golden and silver age FF games, the final chapter of the story is when the whole world opens up with glittering side quests and secret characters, so I'll be splitting the play through at an appropriate spot to finish the story, and also seek the elusive 100% COMPLETION BONUS.  Also known as "get all the secret characters and weapons, then fight the final boss and one-shot that mother hugger."

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - these segments are big hits on the channel, and I should have realized it sooner.  Hell, the thing I spend the most time enjoying on my own time is Critical Role, which, for those uninitiated, is a bunch of voice actors sitting around a table playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.  Not a lot happens visually, but it's super entertaining!  And the neuro-psychology enthusiast in me references our need to experience a story that no one has heard before, coming straight from the imagination of a GM and his players.  That's another reason I find playing and running campaigns to be endlessly entertaining - no session is ever the same, and that unpredictability is the precise reason that tabletop RPGs are still around.

So I have moved that game to my primary slot for editing work.  I have a HUGE backlog of footage, though.  Heck, the first session alone has to be split into 6 episodes (unless I break my rule of 30 minute episodes and just edit together the monster 4-6 hour sessions, but you folks let me know)...  And with 5 sessions of material, that's a lot to get through.  

All that being said, it's a ton of fun.  NSFW though.  Seriously, Viewer Discretion Advised.  I try to keep all the other game commentary (at least on my end) family-ish friendly, but not this.  These are adults using adult language in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.  And we don't hold back.  If you're cool with that, stop by and enjoy yourself.  If not, steer clear and no worries.