The Peace Report at the White House
Your support helped The Peace Report reach the White House. In the photo above, I'm wearing a TPR shirt standing with CodePink: Women For Peace activists demanding our political leaders engage in diplomacy. For the next three weeks, people will be outside of the White House everyday at noon to demand diplomacy and to say no to war. Below is a link to a livestream by Ann Wright who is interviewing some of us in front of the White House and a photo of some of us:

I also had the chance to protest with locals of the Washington D.C. area against the celebration of the Saudi Arabia government outside of a Ritz-Carlton hotel. Several Saudi government and military officials attended the event at the hotel while several activists protested the event from the streets. We waited until they all left the hotel and while getting in their cars, we yelled and shamed them for their despicable war on Yemen as well as the U.S. selling weapons to a terrorist monarchy. Here's two livestream videos of that event:

Livestream 1:

Liverstream 2:

Here's a photo below with a banner one of the locals brought:

Since I've been traveling to Washington D.C. all this past week, I haven't had the time to make a video. But I did upload a video. I found a really great YouTube channel that is not making antiwar comedy shorts. I will slowly be uploading and sharing their work. Sometimes, comedy is the only way to reach people to expose what goes on with our own government and even inside the military industrial complex. Here's one of the antiwar comedy shorts titled, "Cadence":

I also had the chance to finally meet Eugene Puryear and visit his new studio in D.C. Eugene is the host of By Any Means Necessary and he was the vice presidential candidate for the PSL party. He's such an intelligent and passionate organizer. Here's a livestream of the interview I had on the show: 

This weekend, I'm in Asheville attending an anti-racism event where Bree Newsome will be speaking. You may remember a woman climbing up a flag pole in South Carolina last year and ripping down the confederate flag, well that was Bree Newsome. I was invited by some of the local members of Veterans For Peace. They will be having a table at the event, so I'm always happy to join and help as much as possible. Our message will be that we can't stop racism here at home without stopping the racist wars abroad. Our foreign policies are intrinsically connected to our domestic policies. Its important to always make these connections. 

Last point! Your support helps The Peace Report in so many ways. Here's a screenshot of how many people TPR's Facebook has reached with just videos alone. Almost 500K minutes have been watched on Facebook and 750,000 people reached! 

So even though I did not make a video this week, I just wanted to let you know that I've been organizing. My plans in the future is to keep producing videos every week, at least one if not more. Again, thank you for your support. In the past week, we've had 3 more patrons join us! I will surely give them a shout out in the next video! PEACE!