Peacemaker Fundraiser
I am raising money to first fund Transformative Justice and Peace Circle Holder trainings for our People. I am also raising money to help facilitate the implementation of Peacemaking Circles within our communities on a large scale.  

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The goal is to implement a community led and community owned alternative to the System of Mass Incarceration. The strategy is to counter and to overcome the Culture of Punishment with a Culture of Healing, which will hopefully reduce our reliance upon punitive forms of management of our relationships to being obsolete.   

We must DIVEST from the prison systems and INVEST in our communities. In less than half a century, the society we live in has experienced an unprecedented explosion of growth in the number of people incarcerated. 

In 1970, there were only approximately 195,000 people in prisons, but in 2015, there were over 1,500,000. Including the number of those in jails that number raises upwards of 2,200,000 and if those who remain under carceral control that number spikes to about 4,400,000. That last number is more than the number of people estimated to have been enslaved in 1865 at the end of the American Civil War. This explosion presents us with a situation wherein the United States, which only has about 5% of the population of the world, is warehousing about 25% of the prisoners of the world. 

All this happening while the actual rate of crime has been decreasing.  

The net result is that 1 in 3 Black Men, and 1 in 6 Latinx Men will spend time incarcerated at some time in their lives. That is a lot of people being extracted from our neighborhoods and communities. This takes an incredible toll on the spirituality, the emotional well-being, and the integrity of our communities. Not to mention that none of these numbers even scratch the amount of our people terrorized, maimed, disabled, or killed by police. Furthermore, those numbers reveal nothing about the harsh reality that for most people who have been through the system, this society almost never counts their debts to society as ever being fulfilled. Argumentatively, and the practice of the system we struggle under, is that there tends never to be a restoration to Humanity once one has been labeled Criminal. After a person has been convicted of a crime, the laws permit other citizens and institutions to deny work, residence, food, and education to these people; inevitably becoming an inescapable trap that becomes the revolving door of recidivism; 75%-95% of the people released from prison will be back in prison within 5 years.   

We must retake control of our communities and our well-being as a people. 

Peacemaking Circles and Transformative Justice are tools that can enable us to reclaim agency of our own lives so that we may self-determine how to address the issues each of our communities is facing. The system that has been imposed upon us, is not only not solving the problems it is claimed to be able to solve, it is also creating more problems in its wake. However, because of the Culture of Punishment that most people in this society have been indoctrinated with, many believe that the system which is currently in practice is the only system to answer these problems. Restorative Justice is not only another system, or strategy for addressing issues within our communities, it also has a track record of working. 

In addition, Peace Circle Holding is not merely about conflict resolution, although, that is most certainly one of the benefits of the practice. Peace Circle Holding is much more about trust and relationship building among community members, and so, it is better described as a transformative way of life. It is often referred to as Restorative Justice, that is, a type of justice which the people are advocating for. A justice in which our relationships are being restored, a justice in which our spirituality is being restored, a justice in which our humanity is being restored. This is the kind of justice that we need not only as an alternative to the system of mass incarceration, but also, to help our communities heal from historical and current traumas and to grow as a people into a healthy society. 

Please support us along this journey and help us to fill this vision in. 

You may elect to continuously support this effort on a monthly basis at:  

You may elect to support this effort in one-time contributions at:  

Thank you .