Work continues on my Peach Eaters. Yesterday I painted the boy's arms and legs, and today I gave all of them peaches and the beginnings of shirts. Ohhh the peaches were a BLAST, and I feel like I really captured their fuzzy texture. I'm in love with that color range, too. They'll seem a little less nuclear once I've painted the stripes and added more shadows to the hands, but at the same time, I'm digging their out of control peachiness.

The shirts are just pink underpainting right now. I will paint them in layers: first the pink base colors, then the shadows and wrinkles, and finally the stripes. Right now the pink layer needs to dry, so I'm calling it a day. You might be able to see a sort of glistening outline around the kids' arms. That's masking fluid. It creates a temporary barrier between the skin and the wet paint so they won't blur together. I'll remove it after the shirts are finished.

Oh and that dark thing at the bottom is just a drawstring on the waistband of my skirt that somehow got into the photo. :)