PeachyMaiden & Javier Anibarro Z. - A Little Dream (Original Composition)
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(If you use headphones I'm sure the experience will be better :) )

This piece is called "A Little Dream" and is a collab with peachymaiden! and also the second composition we make together :D

We made this wanting it to be a love song :)

And it's also for a contest! wish us luck! :D

The voice, lyrics, and cello, are all made by peachy, and the piano, strings, and flute, from me.

You can find peachy's Youtube channel in:

Thanks again peachy, for being such an awesome person and musician, It means so much! :)

Hope you all like it, see you!



(Si usas audifonos, te aseguro que la experiencia sera mejor :) )

Esta pieza se llama "A Little Dream" (Un pequeño sueño) y es una colaboracion con peachymaiden! y tambien nuestra segunda composicion que hacemos juntos :D

Hicimos esto queriendo que sea una cancion de amor :)

Y ademas es para un concurso! deseenos suerte! :D

La voz, letra y cello, fueron hechos por peachy, y el piano, cuerdas y flauta, por mi.

Pueden encontrar el canal de peachy en:

Gracias peachy, por ser una gran persona y musico, significa mucho! :)

Espero que les guste, nos vemos!



Lyrics (Letra):

Maybe this is when you notice

That the world around you is spinning

So fast that you don’t know where to turn or when to breathe

But that’s okay; we will be brave

A selfish little wish

Born from a heart so cold it can’t melt

Even when your smile is as bright as the sun

You shine so bright, so why am I still cold to the touch?

I’m sure that the love in this body of mine

Will break free and reach out to stop you in time

Before it’s too late and you’re out of my sight

Anything to stop another dreamless night


Maybe this is when I realize

That it doesn’t get better at all

No matter how much I dream and wish for it,

It wasn’t meant for me- That perfect little dream

A selfish little sigh

You asking me if everything’s all right

You’re only aggravating the wound, you know.

You care so much, it hurts...deep inside to the depths of my heart

I’m sure that the love in this body of mine

Was meant as irony from somewhere on the other side

I’m thinking how great it’d be to never wake up

Just as the real you pulls me into a hug

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