A peak of roadside america
Well, here I am, on North Carolina. It's my first time in the states. I've been invited here to the Appalachian Studies conference, where I'll be showing the Genius Loci project at the Armory Gallery in Blacksburg, so if you are in the neighbourhood, be sure to check that out.
There was also a little lecture yesterday at App State University, at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, and I've taken the opportunity to ramble on about all sorts of photography and coal-related things to my surprisingly attentive audience of students/faculty/misc.
I have been trying to shoot as much as i can in the fortnight I'll be here, and most of that has been out of a car window. Honestly, I can't much say I mind, since the little observations of photography as I go by places creates a pretty zen feeling for me.
There are more photographs on the instagram feed @cyberfaust and on the facebooks, but y'all know where to find me.

PS. Southern quisine is great, but does tend to give one a bit of heartburn.